About Us

HumanCells Biosciences is biotechnology company that provides high-quality and reliable human cells at low price.  We are dedicated to serving the biotech research, drug discovery and therapeutic development scientists.

 Our scientists have more than 20 years experience in hematological cells collection and separation. We offer:

  1. Human Fresh Hematologic Products & Haematopoietic Cells (leuko pak, bone marrow, cord blood etc.)
  2. Isolated Human Primary Cells (PBMCs, T cells, B cells, CD34+ cells etc.)
  3. Non-human Primate Cells (PBMCs, whole bone marrow, CD3+ cells etc.)

 We offer services such as customized special sample collection, donor demographic selections, customized aliquots, repeat donors, small and large-scale cell isolation, special shipping conditions, etc.  

 Our products are delivered in a timely manner and consistent quality. We provide full post-sales support.