Human Fresh Hematologic Tissue Products

HumanCells provides fresh Leuko Pak, Bone Marrow, and Cord Blood products, as well as customized sample collection services.  Our 20 years experience and controlled procedure ensure the reliability and high quality of our human blood products.

 All leuko paks are apheresis-derived products  drawn directly into different sizes sample  collection bags containing acid-citrate-dextrose  formula A (ACDA) as an anticoagulant. The leuko  paks primarily contain white blood cells with high  concentrations of mononuclear cells, B cells, T  cells, monocytes, stem/progenitor cells, and small  amounts of other subsets of cells.

All our blood, bone marrow and cord blood samples are collected from healthy donors, and are shipped at ambient temperature unless otherwise requested. Upon receipt, the products should be used or processed immediately.

All our donors are pre-screened for HIV-1 and HIV-2, Hepatitis B (HBV), and Hepatitis C (HCV), HTLV-I/II, and Syphilis. If the donor has been screened within 3 months of donation the product will be shipped with negative test results from donor screening. If the donor has not been screened within 3 months of, a test sample will be taken at the time of donation and the product will be shipped before the screening results are available. In the unlikely event that a test result is positive, the customer will be contacted as soon as possible (usually within 24–72 hours from the time of shipment).

All products should be handled at biological safety level 2, and try to avoid using sharps such as needles.  HumanCells cannot guarantee the biological function or any other properties associated with the performance of cells in a researcher’s individual assay or culture systems.

We offer leuko paks at full / half / quarter sizes, mobilized leuko paks and customized mobilized leuko paks.

HumanCells’ leuko paks are for in vitro research use only, not for clinic use / in vivo use.