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Naive Non-human Primate Whole Blood (Cynomolgus)

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Cynomolgus whole blood, Fisher orderNon-human Primates (NHP) are the closest phylogenic relatives to man. In biomedical research, they are often indispensable. Cynomolgus monkey is a well-known NHP species widely used in various types of research, including toxicological, pharmacological, metabolic, physiological and psychological studies. These monkeys are originated from different areas of Southeast Asia and are now purpose-bred in a limited number of breeding centers in different geographical locations. Generally, the life span of a Cynomolgus monkey is 25-30 years. 19-31 months old Cynomolgus monkeys are considered juveniles with no sexual dimorphism and those of 32-44 months are considered adolescent (not sexually mature). Their sexual maturity is achieved in four years of age for females and six years for males. Cynomolgus monkeys demonstrate age-related conditions which are commonly observed in humans, such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, bone loss, knee osteoarthritis, obesity, diabetes and diabetic complications. The Cynomolgus monkeys are also widely used as animal models for allo- or xeno-transplantation.

Total Cynomolgus blood volume roughly equals 8% of body weight. ABO and Rh typing can be determined for Cynomolgus blood.

All our Naïve Non-Human Primate whole blood (Cynomolgus) is collected by venipuncture from animals housed within the United States. You can choose from Cynomolgus Monkeys or Rhesus Monkeys (Rhesus Macacus). Our standard anticoagulant is heparin,  while we can collect with other anticoagulants upon request. You can also specify male or female.

Also available from  Fisher Scientific, Cynomolgus whole blood, PBMC, bone marrow

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