Non-human Primate (Rhesus) CD34+ Stem / Progenitor Cells

Rhesus CD34 cell product is a valuable resource for scientific investigations in the fields of regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, and immunology. These cells are obtained from rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) and have been specifically isolated and enriched for the CD34 cell surface marker, a widely recognized stem cell identifier. CD34 is primarily expressed on hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, making rhesus CD34 cells an essential tool for exploring hematopoiesis, cell differentiation, and transplantation studies.

Researchers can utilize rhesus CD34 cells to investigate various facets of cell biology, including the mechanisms underlying stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, as well as assessing their potential for cell-based therapies. These cells can be cultured, expanded, and manipulated in vitro, enabling experiments that contribute to our understanding of the regenerative potential and immune system interactions of these cells.

Rhesus CD34 cell product for research offers a biologically relevant model system for a wide array of studies, such as drug screening, disease modeling, and transplantation research. Its unique attributes and genetic proximity to humans make it a crucial resource for advancing our knowledge of stem cell biology and its therapeutic applications.

Our Non Human Primate CD34+ Stem Cells are isolated from Non Human Primate mononuclear cells by positive selection. All Non-Human Primate sample is collected via bone marrow aspiration from animals housed within the United States.

Rhesus CD34 Stem Cells

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RhesusCD34-C1M Frozen Non-human Primate (Rhesus) CD34+ Stem / Progenitor Cells 1 million

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