Multiple Myeloma PB Plasma (Newly Diagnosed / Untreated)

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a clonal plasma cell malignant neoplasm that accounts for approximately 10% of hematologic malignant disorders. Patients typically present with bone marrow infiltration of clonal plasma cells and monoclonal protein in the serum and/or urine. The diagnosis of MM is based on both the detection of clonal bone marrow plasma cells or plasmacytoma and other defining events like end organ damage. Trisomies, translocations, mutations and microenvironmental change have all been shown to contribute to the pathogenesis of MM.

We can obtain diseased samples when they become available to our network of clinicians. Some disease types may have a long backorder depending on the frequency of the disease occurrence in the general population. All samples come from fully consented IRB approved collections.

Multiple Myeloma PB Plasma

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MM-011-1ml Frozen Multiple Myeloma PB Plasma (Newly Diagnosed / Untreated) 1mL

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